Home Inspections

Maryland and Washington D.C.

Every home has an issue or two. Yet, 5% of all real estate contracts fall through. The top reason is the home inspections.

We want to help alleviate these pains for home sellers by providing the best solutions and payment options possible. We give realtors, sellers, and buyers options and help relieve pain. 

Pre-Sale Home Improvement and Repairs is our aim to help. Work performed by Construction KAT

Home Inspection Repairs in Maryland and Washington D.C. Contractors.
Home Inspection Repairs in Maryland and Washington D.C. Contractors.

Buyer Concessions? Never!

The costly mistake home sellers make

After the home buyer has an inspection performed, there will be issues noted. This is common so a home seller should never worry.  (but, we know everyone still does, even the realtor).

The fact is, buyer concessions are often viewed as an easy "out" of an issue for sellers because it takes the problem off the plate. This, however, causes many issues.

Here is why?

Say it is something simple, a repair under $500 based on the home improvement estimate. In order to have the repair performed, you have to schedule a time, meet the contractor, wait for the repair, and what is something else happens during the course of the repairs? Surely, a concession sounds like a good hedge against these issues. But, once you start to negotiation a concession, the entire contract is open for debate. Suddenly, the $500 repair  might include additional money held in escrow, the home buyer might even want to request something else in the contract be amended to accommodate the trouble (issues listed above). 

What seemed like a good "hedge", is now an item that has uncertainty and re-opened negotiating the entire contract. 

You also put the buyer in the drivers seat. This is a problem because a contractor can be out on site doing work and might be able to justify "extras" to the work that need not be performed, and these might be included as "required repairs" during negotiations. For example, a small patch is needed but instead the contractor offers to repaint an entire wall because it is easier- but more expensive. . . and the buyer wanted a different color so they view this as an opportunity. In the end of this scenario, you pay for painting a full wall beyond the required repairs which were not initially part of your negotiations- you, as the seller lose out. 

There are countless other examples, but this is just one reason why we recommend against buyer concessions when selling your home.  

As the home seller- stay in control and make sure the most efficient path is followed. As the "Pre Sale Home Improvement" leader, we are set up to reduce your pain and ease the entire situation. 

This includes working with you and installing a lockbox- deferring payments (no payments until closing), and using all background checked pros who stake their entire careers on making sure you are comfortable and the job is carried out with a duty to your best interest. 

So give us a try- free estimates!