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Home Inspections can be stressfull for both the homebuyer and homeseller. Settle Rite Home Inspection Repairs has crews nearby in Columbia, and Ellicott City, to help with your home inspection repairs. 

When time is of the essence, and settlement is waiting- go with who you can trust.  Settle Rite work with your Realtor, and home inspector to make sure the work is carried out properly and meets all code guidelines.

Based in Maryland, with services statewide, DC, and Northern Virginia. 


Kitchen Demo Timelapse

Part of Realtor Market Prep Work, in Columbia, Maryland.

Updated kitchen to add value to your home sale.



After a complete renovation of this condo in Columbia, Maryland. The rehabbing was completing with new flooring (laminate wood, carpet, tile), new paint, cabinets, appliances, etc.

The homeowner and realtor listed the property for $25k more than originally planned AND THE PROPERTY RECEIVED AN OFFERN AFTER 3 DAYS ON THE MARKET!!

Our Friends at Settle Rite did it again!

Proving you can nearly double the price of your home with the right approach, not just throwing money at a problem. We see pre-sale home improvement companies claim $100k/ $200k renovations are the answer- this is simply not true.

This was a small renovation but for well under $40k, the owners doubled their money.

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If you have a home that is pre-market, and you are considering make some upgrades or repairs to the property to get a higher selling value, consider calling, what we think is the best pre-sale home contractor. They also offer deferred payments with nothing due until settlement. 


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